What is Life Like in Houston, Texas?

What is Life Like in Houston, Texas?

If you’re considering relocating to Houston, Texas, you should probably think about how it might change your life. What are the schools like there? What’s healthcare like? How expensive is it to live there? Can you pursue your favorite hobbies easily?

The good news is that Houston is actually relatively inexpensive to live in compared to many other metropolitan areas. Earnings are decent, and you should find that your money goes further.

Houston is a hub for health care, manufacturing, oil and gas, and there’s plenty to do. Housing is comparatively affordable, and you’ll find a wealth of low cost attractions as well as plenty of outdoor areas to explore if you’re the nature loving sporty type. The population is comparatively dense, and people love dining and drinking, so there’s no shortage of restaurants and the cuisine is varied.

In terms of the weather, winters are mild, and summers can get very hot. If you’re used to the heat then it won’t be an issue, but if you’re moving from the kind of place where you’ll see snow in the winter your first summer could be quite a culture shock.

Houston is a place where driving is common. There’s plenty of parking, and you’ll want to drive to work a lot of the time. There are trains and Park N Ride features and some people do use those to bypass the more congested parts of town.

Houston is a diverse area. More than one quarter of the people who live there are under the age of 20, and overall the population skews generally young. Property taxes are high so people over the age of 65 tend to move away. More than half of the population is single, and there is a large Hispanic and Mexican contingent living in the city.

If you’re thinking of starting a family, then schooling will matter to you. There are 247 public elementary, high and middle schools and there are another 382 private ones too. Many of the schools are rated among the best in the US, and there are 11 colleges / universities, and two of those rank highly too. This means that if you’re looking for quality education you will have a good selection of schools to choose from, but you’ll need to plan the applications ahead to make sure that your child or teenager gets into one of those highly sought after schools.

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